A cute and cuddly pet makes you feel like sharing your whole world with it. While it’s common for pet owners to share their food with cats and dogs, some don’t mind sharing their beds with their beloved animals.
A study by the American Pet Products Association reveals that roughly, half of dog owners let their dogs sleep in bed with them. The figure goes higher for cat owners since 62% of people who own cats are fond of sleeping with their furry companions.
It seems as if Americans are a little fonder of sleeping with their pets. Houzz, an online home design platform, conducted a survey in 2015 in which 10,000 pet owners in 11 different countries were tracked to observe pet co-sleeping trends.
The report revealed that 53% of Americans like to share their beds with their pets leaving countries likes France and Germany way behind in the rear view mirror.
But is it completely safe to share your bed with your pet? Health experts have revealed both, pros and cons of the habit.

Good or Bad?

If you suffer from insomnia, sleeping with your pet can be a great idea. But make sure you suffer from no health issues or allergies. Medical scientists have observed positive effects on the sleep quality of pet owners who share their sleeping space with their pets.
On the contrary, some people who previously enjoyed a peaceful sleep before allowing their pet to rest on their bed may experience discomfort because the pet keeps scratching all night.
Pet owners who have a weak immunity, asthma or are allergic to pet dander should never take the risk. It is also possible that you may need to keep your pet out of your bedroom entirely to enjoy a peaceful slumber.
Your pets are prone to kick, move and even snore during sleep. Sleeping with your furry friend is not the most comfortable experience for some people.
The size of your dog and cat also matters. If you have a pet that takes up the corner of your bed, you can enjoy the experience. However, making a Great Dane or larger dogs sleep on your queen-sized bed is definitely a bad idea.
On the brighter side, children and adults who need support animals can benefit more by sharing their mattress with pets. Resulting outcomes include reduced stress levels and fewer panic attacks thanks to good sleep.

Final Thoughts

Various studies confirm that owning a pet and sleeping with it can make you feel calmer or safer. The rhythmic breathing of a pet’s body offers a soothing effect to lull a restless person to sleep.
Since pets possess a warmer body temperature than us; they serve as a natural replacement to your electric blanket.
But keep in mind, your pet spends more time with things you take care to avoid. According to CDC, 60% of human pathogens are transmitted by animals. Ideally, sleeping with your pet is a great idea if you don’t have a respiratory or sleep disorder or your pet doesn’t move excessively to disrupt your sleep patterns.