If you have a jam-packed schedule of holiday parties and celebrations approaching, most likely your sleep will be negatively affected in the coming weeks. As Thanksgiving approaches this week, set forth some checks and balances to help prevent your sleep schedule getting derailed.

Soak up the sun!

Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, which is instrumental in obtaining a great night’s sleep. This feel-good hormone helps promote you sleeping better, so go out for a walk in between food courses soak up those rays!


Pretty much the key to anything healthy, especially sleep, is working out. Allowing yourself time to work out and burn some energy is especially important during the holidays. Continuing to work out is important not only because your caloric intake spikes from Thanksgiving to New Years, but also because working out will promote better sleep and relaxation throughout the holidays.

Stick to your Routine!

The Holidays can throw a wrench in your body’s circadian rhythm, if you are not careful.  Try as hard as you can to wake up and go to bed the same time. Also, eating and working out at the same time is important to keep your overall health on track

Keep your new gifts out of the bed room – especially electronics!

You got a new phone or tablet during the holidays – but please keep them for use during the day only!  Over stimulation from electronics has been linked to higher likelihood of anxiety and depression- which interferes with restful sleep.  So try to stop using these types of electronics, 3-4 hours before you plan on hitting the sack.

Stay in the moment!

Enjoy the people you are with and remember why you are with them. Whether it is seeing family you don’t see too often, or old high school friends you see once a year…soak up the moment! “Staying in the moment” and gratitude increases joy and happiness, which will also help you sleep easy.