Of Menopause and Mattresses

Spring Air ImageWhen you look at your bed before going to sleep, do you reminisce of sleepless, hot, steamy nights? The dreaded “M” word is the bane of most women in their 40’s and 50’s that just want a good night’s sleep. Menopause is an inevitable consequence of a woman aging, marking the end of fertility, and the beginning of an influx of hormone disturbances which cause an onslaught of side effects including hot flashes, night sweats, sleepless nights, anxiety, back, joint, and muscle pain, and an overall lack of energy. Though a mattress may not be the be all, end all cure of menopausal symptoms, a good mattress catered to your needs could help ease those fitful nights, and better prepare you during the day to put the ‘queen’ back in “Queen Mattress.”

There is new technology that allows your mattress to cool you during the night when your body can no longer regulate its own temperature. Spring Air Mattress’s Four Seasons products have just this for those hot summer nights (or hot menopausal nights). Their memory foam option is now infused with a gel that lends a cooling effect and is offered in both their King Mattress as well as their Queen Mattress. It is also created with the luxurious fabric of Joma Wool quilting that helps assist in the regulation of temperature and silk fibers create a more ‘breathable surface’.

Mattresses can either help or hurt your back, muscular, and joint problems. When choosing a mattress, one should first think about the kind of support their body needs while sleeping. While sleeping, the back naturally relaxes and is easily pliable, leaving it more susceptible to injury. Spring Air’s new Mattresses have a strong central support design to properly hold the back during sleep. The mattresses also lend ‘pressure relieving comfort’ with a specially designed foam layer that takes the pressure mainly off of the shoulder and hip area, and evenly distributes the pressure throughout the body. All options are available in either a King Mattress or Queen Mattress.

Finally, if you are not getting enough rest at night, your days are going to be exhausting, and lets face it: Most of us have families, work, household duties, and errands that won’t patiently wait for us while we muster up the energy to address them. That being said, a good night’s sleep is incredibly important. So find out what is making you toss and turn in the wee hours of the night. Is it the size of the bed? Is a Queen Mattress sufficient or should you consider a larger, King Mattress? Tossing and turning can also be alleviated with the right memory foam options that adhere to your body, helping you find the most comfortable and natural position.

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