Sleep Tips

10 Tips for the Best Nights Sleep of Your Life!
  1. Invest in a comfortable mattress that supports your unique body shape!
    Many consumers wonder why they are not sleeping at night and don’t look at their current mattress situation. A mattress that has the proper support is the first step in sleeping better and longer.
  2. Set a schedule for your body!
    Pick a time and help get yourself into a routine of hitting that “bedtime”. Your body will know its time to rest and get into a deep sleep faster!
  3. Make your bedroom for sleep!
    TV’s, cell phones, and reading in the bedroom can actually keep your mind wandering. Doing certain tasks outside of the bedroom will help your mind focus on SLEEP when you get into bed.
  4. Setting a sleep routine.
    Although we may not want to admit it, we can catch ourselves falling into a routine. This can work to our benefit when it comes to sleep, for instance brushing your teeth prior to getting directly into bed can help your body understand its time to snooze!
  5. Exercise to a better nights sleep
    Exercising benefits are all over the internet, one of its major benefits provided by the National Sleep Foundation is that daily exercise can help you achieve a better nights sleep.
  6. Be smart about napping
    Napping can be too much of a good thing! If you need to nap be sure to do it early rather than often. Napping too late can cause you to have symptoms of insomnia.
  7. Write down your problems
    Many of us think at night about “what we could hove done” or “I wish I had done that differently” it often helps to write these down and get them out of your head.
  8. Keep your bedroom dim and cool
    Our Sleep experts have found that keeping your body cooler actually helps slow your heart rate allowing yourself to dive into a deeper sleep. Be sure to check your thermostat to be between 65 and 75 degrees but ensure your body is just right! Not too cold or too hot.
  9. Pillows matter too!
    Although some people do not use pillows; they are a great sleep tool! Aligning your neck in the proper sleeping position can be the difference between a great night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep!
  10. Stay booze-free before bedtime!
    Alcohol prior to bed will signal your body to stay awake! Drink your last glass at least 2 hours before you hop into bed!