International Licensee Summit in Guangzhou China

In attendance at the Spring Air International meeting were China, United Arab Emirates, India, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam were among the list of licensees. There were additional countries in attendance however the licensees are based in the above countries. Corporately Rick Robinson and Eric Spitzer were in attendance.Intl Group

This was the first ever Spring Air International licensee meeting held outside of the United States with the sole purpose of creating international strategies to grow the value of the Spring Air brand. At this meeting were some great ideas and concepts that were used to design and create a series of international products. Another key ingredient to this meeting was a series of roundtable discussions to uncover common marketing tools and programs to begin our mission to make Spring Air an even more powerful international brand. Spring Air’s international licensees enjoy significant market position in their respective countries. As a whole those attending have annual sales in excess of $350 million US Dollars. Spring Air sales as a percentage of their sales grew at a double digit rate over the past 12 months showing the brand is growing even stronger. This was a major step in our vision to take advantage of our global asset of successful experienced licensees. We left the meeting with a series of initiatives that will benefit the Spring Air brand both internationally and domestically.

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