How to Stop Stressing & Start Loving Sleep Again

Stress can cause sleepless nights. The National Sleep Foundation’s 2009 poll found that a third of Americans reported problems sleeping because of the U.S. economy and financial concerns. The good news is, no matter what problem is keeping you awake, there are things you can do to stop stressing and start loving your sleep again.

First, make sure you love your bedroom and want to spend time there. Make it look visibly pleasing and feel very comfortable. Be happy with your mattress, pillows and sheets. Clean out the clutter, and bust the dust. Make it feel like a safe haven.

Next, train yourself to think of your bedroom as a place exclusively for sleep. Avoid “waking” activities like doing work, using the computer, talking on the phone or watching TV in your bedroom. Create a stress-free zone.

Leading up to bed, establish a wind-down routine that calms you, like taking warm bath or reading a book. Dim the lights in your bedroom and bathroom. (This will tell your brain that it’s time to sleep soon.) Avoid caffeine late in the day, and don’t drink nightcaps. Alcohol can actually wake you in the night.

Once you got to bed, if you cannot sleep, get up, go to another room and do something relaxing in dim light. Go back to bed when you are ready to sleep. If worries overwhelm you, try writing them in a “worry journal” so you can put them aside for later.

Stress is a part of daily life, but fortunately, we can take the stress out of sleep.

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