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Here are some results from the study that show the range and disparity of sleep problems among these different populations:

  • India and Indonesia reported the lowest rates of sleep problems—6.5% of Indian women and 4.3% of Indian men reported difficulty with sleep, and 4.6% of Indonesian women and 3.9% of Indonesian men reported sleep problems.
  • Rates in Vietnam were significantly higher: 37.6% of Vietnamese women reported sleep problems, compared to 28.5% of Vietnamese men.
  • In South Africa, 31.3% of women and 27.2% of men reported difficulty with sleep. These rates are substantially higher than other African countries included in the study. Overall rates of sleep problems in the remaining African nations of Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya ranged between 8.3% and 12.7%.
  • Bangladesh has the highest rates of overall sleep problems among the nations included in this study, driven largely by its exceptionally high rate of sleep difficulty among women. More than 40% of Bangladeshi women reported having problems sleeping, compared to 23.6% of Bangladeshi men.
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