In this day in age, the most valuable currency is time, but how do we gain more of this hot commodity without a time machine?  It’s simple- wake up earlier and enjoy more hours of the day- while awake! It has been proving that getting up early can make you a more well-rounded person.  Some of the benefits can be feeling more focused, optimistic, well-rested, and relaxed.  If you are inherently just not a morning person, that might be a tall task for you to handle. That’s why our sleep-hack team came up with these 5 fool proof methods to get you up and about before the rest of the world even rolls over!

Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room- the act of physically getting out of bed will cause a spike in your cortisol levels, which acts as a stimulant for you to wake up.  Once you are standing upright and moving, you will be less apt to hit snooze and get back into bed.

Set multiple alarms- Once you are committed to wake up earliermake sure you are setting multiple alarms to ensure you get up on time. Whether its multiple smart phone alarms, or regular alarm clocks, setting more than one alarm will decrease the likely hood of you sleeping through your first alarm.

Go forward in time  –  Set the time on your alarm clocks in your bedroom forward 30 minutes. If it’s actually 7:30 AM, your bedroom clock will read 8:00 AM. Your half-awake self will get tricked to think that it actually is 8:00AM and by the time you figure out that it is 7:30 AM , you will be wide awake.

Become accountable – Plan to-do your chore action items in morning before you have to be at work, or school. Whether it’s working out, doing laundry, or yard work , plan to do these errands in the early hours of the day  instead of making them part of your usual after work/school routine. Committing yourself to accomplish something in the early morning will make it more enticing to get up. It will also activate your intrinsic reward system, which inturn will make you want to continue these productive ways.

Plan something that’s worth getting out of bed for— Plan a nice breakfast at your favorite diner or plan on stopping on the way to work to grab a coffee at your favorite café. if you are a golfer or swimmer? Walk 9 holes at a local course or take a quick dip before you have to be where you need to be.  Having something fun planned in the morning will make you leap out of bed in no time!