Looking for a change to your bedroom paint color , but not sure which color to choose? Depending on what you are looking to achieve, We have some psychological backed reasons on why certain colors are the best for painting your sleep sanctuary.

Looking to uplift your spirits when you wake up?

Choose red. Red has been known to raise blood pressure and give your subconscious a feel of excitement. This can help you get out of bed quicker in the morning if you are a slow riser.

Looking to settle down your nerves when you enter your bedroom?

Choose blue. Blue has been linked with calm and relaxation as long as the sky has been blue.  It acts as an anti-stimulant that helps slow down your respiratory system. The lighter the blue, the more calming and relaxing effect you will have.

Looking for a soothing and restful sanctuary?

Choose green. The colors that make up green are blue and yellow, so you will get the best of both world from those colors.  Yellow has been know to uplift , and blue to relax. Choosing green will allow you to enjoy both of these as you are winding down for the night or getting ready to start to the day.

Looking to cozy-up your bedroom?

Chose a light purple or lavender. The royal color of purple can add some deep notes to your walls that induce a cozy and warm feeling. Stay away from the darker shades, as after all the paint is on the walls, it may come off more as “loud” than cozy.

Looking for Balance?

Choose beige. Beige or light brown in the bedroom will be a common ground for someone looking for a color that is right in the middle of an uplifting and relaxing color. Choosing beige will also give you free reign to choose any colors you want to accent the room.