If you are having sleep issues and looking for some natural remedies, start incorporating these foods into your diet to start catching some Z’s. Here is Spring Airs approved list of the top five foods that will make you a sleepy-head!


Having a small handful of pistachios can help promote better sleep, thanks to the protein, magnesium and B6 that these nuts contain. Since they are a higher caloric food, make sure you are limiting yourself to only a handful ( if its before bedtime) because a snack with too many calories, may have an adverse effect on your sleep and keep you awake.

Chamomile tea-

This herbal tea has been used to induce sleep for generations. The components of the tea have anti- stress properties that will help settle you down before bed. Some of the other benefits include soothing your stomach and also keeping you hydrated.


Cherries are jam packed with melatonin, which is naturally occurring hormone in your body that helps regulate sleep and sleep cyles. Incorporating this into your daily diet can increase the presence of melatonin in your system, thus promoting a great nights sleep.

Dark Chocolate-

Dark chocolate contains serotonin , also knows as the happy chemical, which is the body’s hormone that relaxes the body and mind. Have small amounts of dark chocolate throughout the day will get you ready for bed, and also keep a smile on your face!


Bananas have components, such as potassium and magnesium, that help your muscles and nerves relax. Vitamin B6, also in bananas, is known to ultimately increase serotonin and increase the relaxation of your body and mind.