Sleep is a wonderful and positive part of most of our lives, but it also has a mysterious side that you probably don’t know too much about.  If you are anything like us here at Spring Air, we love weird and scientific facts that bring out some intriguing components of sleeping (Yes, we are sleep geeks!).  This article will not help you sleep better, but here are some cool and quirky facts about sleep you probably don’t know:

  1. Remember not wanting to go to sleep as a child? if that feeling never went away and turned into an overwhelming fear of sleep, you have what’s called Somniphobia. This is simply the fear of falling asleep.
  2. On Average, people dream about 5 times a night but will wake up to only remember 1 of the dreams, if any.
  3. Dreams are based off past experiences. The images you see in your dream are something that was seen or noticed while awake by your conscious or unconscious mind.
  4. 12% of people dream in black and white.
  5. The optimal room temperature for quality sleep is between 60-67 degrees.
  6. Staying up the entire night without sleeping at all can be equivalent to having a blood alcohol level of roughly .06%.
  7. Dosing off and abruptly twitching (which wakes you up) is called a “myoclonic jerk”.
  8. Sleep deprivation will kill you before food deprivation.
  9. Some 25% of married couples sleep in different beds.
  10. Your conscious mind will feed your surrounding environment senses to your dreaming mind. If someone in the other room is making coffee and you are close enough to smell it, it will directly affect the course of your dream. You may end up in a café in Paris in your dream.